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Prices, Shipping & Returns

Prices & VAT

All prices appearing on the website are in EURO. For all European Union countries the prices are inclusive VAT and for countries not part of EU, the prices are exclusive of VAT.

Shipping Fees

We only ship to countries within the Europen Union and China.

For our German customers, EUR 5 applies to all orders to be delivered to an address within Germany. For orders totaling or exceeding EUR 40, to be delivered to an address within Germany, Amundsen GmbH will waive postage fees.

For our European Union customers, EUR 10 applies to all orders to be delivered to an address within European Union. For orders totaling or exceeding EUR 90, to be delivered to an address within Europe Union, Amundsen GmbH will waive postage fees.

For our customers in China, EUR 15 applies to all orders to be delivered to an address within China.


Orders within the EU can usually be expected to be delivered within ten working days (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays).

How Can I Return A Product?

In the EU, you have the right to cancel your online purchase within seven working days. This seven-day period begins on the day when you receive your purchase. However, you must cover the cost of shipping. Return address can be found on the original packaging or in the customer service section of this website. The package must be unopened and unused for us to approve the return. We will refund your card the total sum within 30 days as by EU law when we have approved your return.

What Should I Do If The Product Is Damaged Or Incorrect / Missing?

Is the product damaged or incorrect / missing, you have full warranty. Please contact customer service as soon as possible. If you have not receieved you product within 30 days, please contact us for a re-delivery or a refund.

Roald Amundsen Skincare

Roald Amundsen Skincare

Roald Amundsen Skincare is a natural skincare series targeting every outdoor activity and all weather conditions. Our skincare products are made with care from natural ingredients and especially developed to provide moisturizing, antiseptic and healing properties.

Roald Amundsen Skincare – The best natural protection for your skin.

It Simply Works!
– Inge Solheim, Adventurer & Polar Guide.

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High Quality Ingredients

Roald Amundsen Skincare products is a healthy skincare series made of pure ingredients and 100% natural essential oils.

Roald Amundsen Skincare products are carefully made from selected high quality ingredients and especially developed to provide moisturizing, antiseptic and protective properties.

Roald Amundsen Skincare is free of paraben, mineral oil, BHA, BHT, EDTA, formol, formaldehyde, phthalates, synthetic colorant and triclosan.

Roald Amundsen Skincare – the best protection for your skin!

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that repairs and protects the skin. Vitamin E is an excellent moisturiser that helps to provide relief to your skin by keeping it healthy, fresh and by improving the elasticity of your skin. Another benefit is the natural protection from free radical damage as well as damage from environmental pollution. It is easily absorbed by the skin and has excellent wound healing effects.

Approved by Inge Solheim – It Simply Works

Inge Solheim, a well known Norwegian adventurer and polar guide, tests Roald Amundsen Skincare products on his expeditions. This year he used Roald Amundsen Skincare products on his expedition to the North Pole and his comment was;

It Simply Works!

If it works for Inge Solheim it will work for you.

Amundsen Omega3

Amundsen Omega3

Amundsen Omega 3 products are made using only the best ingredients from sustainable sources of fatty cold-water fish. In fact, all our products have been certified with the “Friend of the Sea” certification. Our omega-3 comes from anchovies, sardines and mackerel; oily fish containing a high concentration of DHA and EPA.

« What you eat is of the essence »
– Roald Amundsen, Adventurer & Polar Explorer.

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Where Is Your Omega-3 Sourced?

Amundsen Omega3 oils are produced from sustainable fishery, in cold waters along the west coast of South America. Our supplier, as well as Amundsen Omega3 products are approved by the international organization, « Friend of the Sea. »

The oils are refined in Norway, and are of the purest and best oil on the market. Patented techniques are used to ensure a high quality and pure oils without heavy metals or other contaminants.

What is Friend Of The Sea?

Amundsen Omega3 take responsibility for the environment and sustainability very seriously, and are proud to be a « Friend of the Sea » certified product!

« Friend of the Sea » is a main international certification project for products originating from both sustainable fisheries and aquaculture! Friend of the Sea is a non profit non governative international organization (NGO). It is registered in Italy as a non profit association. Friend of the Sea is managing the Friend of the Sea scheme for the certification of products from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. It is the only international scheme which, with the same logo/seal of approval and via an audit run by a third party accredited Certification Body, can potentially certified products from wild-caught or farmed. Several companies and fisheries all over the world (from Tasmania to Chile, from Canada to Vietnam and from Norway to Madagascar, have trusted Friend of the Sea to assess their own fisheries, farms or products and verify if their origin was compliant with Friend of the Sea sustainability criteria).

How Do You Protect Your Products Against Rancidity / Oxidation?

All oils, whether its fish oil, or olive oil will turn rancid over time. What is important is to ensure that this process is delayed as far as possible, have good quality ingredients and the best refining techniques. Norwegian companies are world leaders in this, and we can guarantee that we have done our utmost to deliver a perfectly healthy and fresh product.

Our oils are produced using techniques that maintain the high quality, from the oils are manufactured from the fish and transported to Norway for purification and concentration, until it ends up with the consumer. We also add a small amount of vitamin E to protect against oxidation. This, as well as the oils being kept refrigerated and the absence of oxygen, means that when the oils are encapsulated, it is completely fresh.

When we pack Amundsen Omega 3, we make sure to minimize oxygen in the process. Capsules are packed in « blister » cards, which are airtight and reduce the oxidation process.

From date of packaging we have an expiry date of minimum 2 years. Storing products in a cool environment without exposure to sunlight increases the durability. Very simply, one can say that for every tenth degree the temperature is lowered, the durability is doubled. It is therefore very important to store products in the refrigerator, and not in room temperature.

To be extra safe, you can also cut in a capsule in two and taste some of the oil. It should be pale yellow and taste faintly of fish. A rancid capsule is dark yellow and tastes poorly.

What Is The Difference Between Omega-3 And Cod Liver Oil?

Cod Liver

  • Cod liver oil is made from the liver of white fish.
  • Cod liver oil contains natural vitamin A and D.


  • Omega-3 is sourced from oily wild fish from cold waters, like anchovies and sardines.
  • Omega-3 has higher levels of essential fatty acids, EPA and DHA then cod liver oil.
  • Omega-3 oils contain only natural vitamin E, and not Vitamin A and D like cod liver oil.

What Distinguishes Amundsen Omega3 From Other Products?

What is most important when it comes to the quality and effect of omega-3 is the amount of EPA and DHA in the oil. EU recommends at least 0.6-1 gram of omega-3 each day, and serious manufacturers will always give information on the package how much EPA and DHA the product contains. Omega-3 oils should also be in its natural form; triglycerides or phospholipids. Artificial or synthetic forms of omega-3 do not provide the same health benefits.

Amundsen Omega3 contains the natural form of omega-3 in triglyceride form, comes from sustainable fishery, and is of the purest in the world!

In addition, all our products contain vitamin D, as well as other ingredients such as evening primrose oil, folic acid and Q10 depending on which product you choose.

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